5 Off-Project Uses For Overhead Tower Cranes

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5 Off-Project Uses For Overhead Tower Cranes

27 January 2015
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Tower cranes are great  to use during weeks of construction, helping to build buildings or bridges. When these large tower cranes are not getting used, they normally sit on company grounds and collect dust. You invest a lot of money into overhead crane manufacturers and this is why you extend the use of your tower crane.

The following five projects allow you to lift employee spirits, celebrate multiple holidays, and have some entertainment with the crane. While doing any of these projects, it's important to remember safety rules and be as careful as possible when operating the crane.

Holiday Decorations

Showcase the tallest Christmas light display in your area by proudly displaying the lights high above on a tower crane. There are multiple ways to display the lights and a few wiring options to consider.

  • Select a few large steel pipes to hold the lights. These pipes can be connected to form a pattern, shape, or random design. For example, the pipes could cross to form a large star shape in the sky. You can also use the pipes to form letters and write out things like "Merry Xmas."
  • Wrap the lights tightly around the steel pipes and secure them using magnetic clips or electrical tape.
  • When choosing power options, you can run an extension cord directly from the lights and to the crane, or use an advanced set up like solar-powered Christmas lights. Each night, the crane can rise up and proudly display the holiday light display.

Halloween Pranks

The winter holidays are not the only ones that you can take advantage of with your overhead crane. During Halloween, the crane is a good way to get festive and creative. One of these ways is by using the crane to create a flying witch decoration.

  • Stuff a witch costume (typically just a black tunic) with a lot of newspaper to fill out the clothes. Use a stapler to conceal the edges and ensure that all of the newspaper stays inside.
  • Fill gloves, knee-high socks, and a witch hat with additional newspaper. Attach it all to the original witch outfit using staples. Add extra accessories that you have so the design can have additional flare.
  • Stick an old broom between the witch's legs and attach it using multiple staples.
  • Hang the witch from the crane using a thin rope. From the distance, the rope will be barley visible and the witch will appear like it's flying. The longer the rope, the more the witch will hang down and swing around.

You can either let the wind naturally carry the witch back and forth or move the crane to make the witch move. This is a great decoration for families to see when driving by or visiting your company.

Business Banner Promotions

Even when the crane is not in use, you can still get your full value out of it. A custom printed banner can be made in all types of sizes and feature business information. You can choose to have a variety of things printed directly on the banner. When the banner hangs off the crane, people can easily read it and see it from a distance. Various ideas include your company's website, a banner celebrating landmark years in business, or a banner congratulating an employee on years of service with the company.

Fourth of July Celebrations

The Fourth of July vacation is a good time to break out the crane and display a giant American flag. Giant flags can be purchased from a number of different retailers and will offer you a chance to your patriotic pride for your country and business.

The flag can be saved and used for a number of other holidays including Veteran's Day and Flag Day.

Dumping Grounds

The height of a tower crane makes it a fun place to dump things straight down and to the ground. Three different activities can make the use of a crane more enjoyable.

  • Confetti Celebrations: Celebrate the birthday or the completion of a project by dumping out a large bucket of confetti from the top of a crane.
  • Ice Bucket Challenge: Turn a large crane into a giant ice bucket challenge. Use the crane to pour cold water down on your own crew that wants to participate in the challenge.
  • Work Bonuses: Celebrate any work bonuses by dropping out a large bucket of one dollar bills. The dramatic effect will be awesome to witness or celebrate.

When doing anything with the crane, ensure that only qualified crane operators are controlling the crane and activities. For more information about cranes, contact a local manufacturer, like Wazee Crane.