What Type Of Fence Do You Need For Your Backyard?

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What Type Of Fence Do You Need For Your Backyard?

19 March 2015
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If you have kids, outdoor pets, want a little extra privacy, or are looking to add security to your home, you should definitely fence in your backyard. The question is what type of fencing to choose. There are a lot of different options available these days. The type of fencing you select with ultimately be determined by several factors. Your main need for the fence is one, any community covenants dictating what type of fence you can have is another, and the size of your yard is a third factor. Here are three common fence choices, and how to determine the right one for you.

1. Chain Link

Chain link is the most basic type of backyard fencing. It is generally inexpensive, and comes in a variety of sizes. According to Improvenet.com, you can choose a waist-high fence if you only need to keep small children and pets within your property line and aren't too concerned about privacy. If you have larger pets, or want an extra touch of security, you can choose a tall chain link fence. The taller the fence, the harder it will be for a pet to jump it or a miscreant to climb it.

Chain link fences are also good choices if you want to add additional security features to make your yard even more secure. With chain link, you can add things like:

  • Slats--Slats can be decorative as well as functional. With a variety of colors, you can add flair to your yard, and the slats add some extra privacy to your yard. They also make it harder for any burglars or vandals to climb the fence, as they would have to cut or remove the slats to do so.
  • Barbed Wire--Adding barbed wire to the top of a fence is something you can only do with chain link, and it is a very strong deterrent for criminals. There is a reason prisons use it at the tops of their own chain link fences.
  • Electricity--You can electrify your chain link fence when you're not at home and no kids or pets are in the yard. Anyone who touches the fence will get a nasty shock, and will not be able to get past it and behind your house. You can't electrify other types of fences because they're not made of metal, which is necessary to conduct the electricity.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl fencing is an excellent choice if you want total privacy in your backyard. There are no gaps in vinyl fencing as there are with other types of fences, so no one can peek through and see what you're doing back there. They are also impossible to climb, and very hard to cut through. In fact, it takes much more time and effort to cut through a vinyl fence than most thieves are willing to put in, because thieves tend to want to get in and out of a place as quickly as possible.

If you live in a subdivision or planned community with community covenants governing what the outside of your house must look like, you may be required to use vinyl fencing. It is a common requirement in newer communities because of the uniform look it offers.

3. Wood

Wood is a common material in privacy fences. The fence can be as tall as you like it, and gates can easily be added when the fence is built. Unlike chain link or vinyl fencing, wooden privacy fencing can even be a fun DIY project for the entire family. You can also paint wooden fencing to be any color you like, something that isn't available with other types of fences.


Besides your privacy and security needs, as well as your personal taste and community requirements, cost will also be a factor in the fence you choose. The larger your backyard, the more your budget will come into play in your fence, as some materials are more expensive than others.

Whatever type of fence you choose, be sure to consider it carefully beforehand so it will meet your needs and you will be satisfied with it. You'll have to live with your fence for a long time. Once you decide what type is right for you, call a fencing contractor to come install it. You'll be glad you did.