Upgrade Your Outlets To Modernize Your Home

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Upgrade Your Outlets To Modernize Your Home

15 September 2015
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When you are looking to add something a little extra to your house, it can be easy to focus on the big picture and forget that little things can really make a major difference. Upgrading your electrical outlets is just one of those small things that you should really consider doing. There are several different ways you can upgrade your outlets to give them some extra functionality.

USB Charging

USB charging has almost completely replaced batteries as the main way people power small devices, and in addition, people have more of these devices than ever before. That means lots and lots of things to plug in somewhere every night. Even with just a few people in a house, prime charging spots can go in a hurry. Add in to that, bulky chargers can cause one small cable to take up multiple spots in a power strip.

Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to this particular problem-- install power outlets that have USB ports built right into the outlet. While this doesn't free you from the cable jungle, it does save the space of the converter brick. In addition, you will still have the two traditional outlets, so you will be able to safely plug in more devices without taking up any additional space on your wall.

Remote Control

Maybe one of your aunts had (or has) one of those lamps that turns on and off when you clap. Unfortunately, it also gets flipped by any loud noise. Wifi offers a new way to control just about anything you can plug in remotely. Known as the Internet of Things, there are several products on the market that connect devices and outlets to the internet so you can control them through specialized panels, your computer, or your smart phone.

There are several that plug into an existing outlet, but, as they are essentially tiny computers in their own right, they are quite bulky. Instead, you can install an outlet directly into the wall that has all the components hidden out of sight. Then, all you need to do is pull out your phone and turn on the lights. You will wonder why you ever got out of bed to turn out the lights at the end of the day.

Ethernet Access

While Wifi is the way that most modern devices talk to the world around them, it can be tough to find a router that will give you solid coverage throughout your house, especially if you have multiple stories, or the equipment must be located in a corner of the house that is away from where your family spends the majority of their time. Again, your outlets can be a good solution to this problem, especially when combined with wireless repeaters.

There are actually a couple of options here. If you live in a newer house, and are willing to sink some money into the technology, it is actually possible to transmit data through your existing electrical wires. You plug one device in near your network hardware to create the signal, and then additional devices into other outlets in areas where signal strength is a problem. Another option is to run ethernet cable through the walls and use small, standalone repeaters to do the broadcasting. You can easily find outlets that combine power and ethernet ports, and, while this method will take a bit more work, it is far less expensive and will result in better connection speeds.

It is neat how many things you can do with a simple power outlet now. As technology marches forward, the basic components of your home will continue to improve as well. By replacing a few of your outlets with ones that will help you get more control out of your life, you can spend less time managing your electronics and more time enjoying them. For more information, contact a business such as Excel Electric Inc.