The Benefits Of As-Built Surveys For Your Construction Business

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The Benefits Of As-Built Surveys For Your Construction Business

19 October 2016
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Successful construction companies can produce documentation about the site they are working on if needed to show where underground utility lines are or to show their progress from the start. An up-to-date as-built survey can show other construction crews that may need to work at the same site what was already on the site before your crews added to it. You can also show other companies the details of the work you have done on the site after crews before you. Check out some of the benefits of as-built survey for your construction company.

Making Sure You Get Paid For The Work Your Crews Have Done

If you start work on a construction site that has existing construction on it, having an as-built survey done before you start your work is a good idea. If you do not have as-built documentation of the work that was already there, the person responsible for paying you could say you were not the one that did some of the work you actually did by including it in what a previous crew did. Never start work on a site that has construction on it from a previous crew without having an as-built survey done.

As-Built Surveys Can Help Your Crews Avoid Serious Accidents

When you begin work on a new construction site, having an as-built survey is important to avoid digging where underground power lines or natural gas lines are. If one of your workers hits an underground utility, you could end up with medical issues like electrocution. If a natural gas line is hit, the friction from the object hitting it can create a spark that can cause a huge explosion.  An as-built survey can locate underground utilities in addition to wells that have been covered and filled in. If the site you plan to start work on has a well showing on the as-built survey, taking the time to inspect it to make sure it is filled in and safe is a good idea.  By taking the time to go over your initial as-built survey, you can avoid serious problems that could ultimately cause serious injury and even loss of life.

Showing That Work Is Up To Code And Legal      

An as-built survey can be your proof that your crews complete work is up to code, especially if the completed work is an addition to an existing structure. Making sure you remain in compliance with codes is important for the success of your construction company. Discuss with your surveyor about the needs for code compliance on your next new work site.     

Controlling the direction of your construction company's success is easier when you take the time to cover all the bases for safe and legal project completion. Contact a company like Bush Roed & Hitchings Inc for more information.