Stud Welding Upgrades That Can Improve Productivity

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Stud Welding Upgrades That Can Improve Productivity

1 March 2017
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Do you own stud welding equipment? If so, you likely appreciate several things about having access to your equipment. Common perks owners experience are improved speed, precise welding, and the ability to use the equipment on a variety of metals with several fastener options. Perhaps you have a small workforce or work alone. If so, you likely appreciate that your stud welding equipment does not require multiple people to operate it. It is easy to appreciate the great things that standard stud equipment offers, but making a few upgrades can offer even more benefits. The following are a few upgrades that can make your equipment perform even better. 

Additional Weld Heads

Adding additional weld heads will allow you to weld multiple studs at a time. This improves productivity because you will not have to weld each stud individually. It is also ideal if you have different types of studs to weld for a job. This is because you can multitask and weld different types of studs at the same time. 

Automatic Feed System

You may have never considered how manual loading impacts productivity. An automatic feed system will allow you to set it up in a manner where it automatically feeds studs. Since you will not have to manually feed the studs individually into your weld gun, you can expect a reduction in your load time. 

Robotic Arms

These are automated options that can perform stud welding duties in the same manner as a human. They can improve productivity because you or other workers can perform other duties. Initially, you may choose to observe the robotic arm to ensure that it performs tasks correctly. Routine quality assurance throughout a project is also helpful. If you have multiple workers using stud welding equipment, installing a few robotic arms can help to curb your labor costs due to their efficiency and automation. One of the main things to keep in mind when investing in robotic arms is ensuring they are properly programmed and routinely tested. 

A stud welding equipment supplier is a good resource to use to learn more about additions you can invest in to make your equipment improve productivity. They can also ensure that you know how to properly use your newly upgraded equipment. If your welding environment is set up in a production line manner rather than a singleperson operation, there are also upgrades that can reduce the manpower needed for each line. This can aid in reducing worker fatigue and ensuring that your productivity is not reduced when events such as employee absenteeism occur. 

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