How To Make Decorative Concrete Floors, Countertops, And Furniture

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How To Make Decorative Concrete Floors, Countertops, And Furniture

3 March 2017
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Concrete is a composite material composed of coarse aggregate bonded together with a fluid cement that hardens over time. Concrete is a very strong and durable material that has been traditionally used in buildings, bridges, highways, and dams. Concrete has an industrial look and surface texture that makes it very attractive today. Here are some ways in which you can use concrete to create unique and beautiful decorative objects for your home and office: 

Concrete Furniture

To create a piece of concrete furniture, make a model out of wood or plaster of the piece you wish to create in concrete. This can be a table top, chair seat, lamp base or any other piece of furniture. Make a latex and/or polyurethane mold of your model that is thick enough to hold the final product that will be made of concrete. You can buy these mold-making materials at a building supply and/or hardware store.

After the mold is thoroughly dry, cut it laterally into two parts and remove the original model. Next, mix powdered concrete with water and pour it into both sides of the mold. Join the two sides of the mold together with wire. When completely dry, remove the mold from the cast concrete object you just created. You can then seal the new concrete table top, chair seat, or lamp base with an acrylic resin sealer. 

Concrete Countertops

To create a concrete countertop, make a wooden frame in the size and shape of your counter. Mix powdered concrete with water and a concrete stain or concrete dye. Pour the concrete mixture into the wood frame. Smooth the top surface while it is still wet. Allow the poured concrete to dry slowly to prevent cracking.

When completely dry, remove the wooden frame and position the concrete countertop on top of the counter. Drill and countersink holes in your concrete countertop to secure it to the wood counter underneath. Insert steel bolts into the countertop and the counter. When the cement countertop is secure, cover the tops of the screws with more of the concrete mixture. Polish the concrete countertop with a variable speed wet/dry electric polisher fitted with different sanding disks from coarse to fine.  

Concrete Flooring

To create a colorful concrete floor, install a plywood subfloor with deck screws bolted into the wood floor joists. Attach cement board to the plywood subfloor, and secure with screws. Mix and pour self-leveling concrete onto the cement board and allow it to completely dry. Sand and polish the floor with a concrete floor grinder. Completely clean and dry your concrete floor before applying color. To color your concrete floor, mix several colors of acid-based concrete dyes, and spray, roll, or brush them onto the floor to achieve a mottled color effect. When dry, use several coats of a matte or glossy epoxy sealer, and polish the floor with an electric floor polisher. 

The strength, durability, and industrial look of concrete make it highly valued today. You can experiment with different types of concrete and create many unique decorative objects. When you make these objects yourself, you can be assured that you will create items for your home or office that no one else will have. For more information, contact a company like Stephens & Smith Construction Inc.