Interested In Front Yard Landscaping? Grow Shade Trees Between The Street And Sidewalk

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Interested In Front Yard Landscaping? Grow Shade Trees Between The Street And Sidewalk

8 March 2017
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Growing plants in the front yard is a tough task because you do not want to cover up the beauty of your home. Its curb appeal could possibly be reduced by trees that hide attractive features. But, you may be interested in getting a tree or two in the front yard, and a perfect solution is to plant them in between the street and the sidewalk. This means you will have limited room to work with, but you will find that there are more than enough trees to choose from that can help you accomplish your goal as a homeowner.

Analyze the Landscape

It is important to take a note of your current landscape situation before you get to planting shade trees. If you have plants that rely on full sun throughout most of the year, you want to know whether growing a certain tree is going to put an enormous limitation on how much sun shines in a certain area. You should also put a lot of thought into what you want to do with the trees that are nearby in the front yard. It may be worth removing trees that cannot give you what you want in the front yard, such as shade.

Pick the Right Tree

Although there are plenty of trees that you could use to get shade in your front yard, you should look for trees that are a perfect fit in regard to the needs of the sidewalk and what you want for the property. The Northern red oak is an excellent choice because it does not have a thick or invasive root system. The roots will head in a vertical direction, so you do not have to worry about them expanding into other areas.

Make a Long-Term Plan

Since an oak tree is something that you will be nurturing for many years until it reaches maturity and beyond, you want to make sure you have a long-term plan in place for keeping it healthy. This could mean installing an irrigation system that involves facing newly installed sprinklers towards the tree roots. It is also crucial to gather as much information as you can from a tree service professional. You want to know the common problems to look out for as well as how much water to give the tree throughout the year.

A Northern red oak will make an excellent addition next to the sidewalk in front of your property when you are willing to put time and effort into planning it all out starting from before you have it planted.