Is This A Real Estate Dealbreaker Or Not?

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Is This A Real Estate Dealbreaker Or Not?

30 April 2017
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Unless you are buying a brand new home, you probably won't find one that meets your needs completely. But whether or not something is a dealbreaker may not be clear. Here are some of the common issues with homes and what you should know about them.

Is it Safe?

The first question you should ask about a potential real estate dealbreaker is whether it would be safe to live in the house if you cannot repair the issue entirely. If not, you might not want to accept the house as is. There may be a reason that the previous owners did not repair a structural issue; it may be a more complicated problem than what you see at first glance.

Could a Cosmetic Embellishment Fix the Problem?

On the other hand, one of the biggest things that is easy to fix is an aesthetic that you don't enjoy. Expect to spend ten thousand dollars, at least, to bring a home to a design sense that is more your style. If you choose to narrow your home search to places that you already consider to be beautiful, you may miss out on some spaces that could easily be fixed. If the home has a solid "shell", meaning it's in good repair and the space is configured how you want it, you can more easily fix cosmetic problems.

Is Space an Issue?

Another thing that you might consider a deal breaker is a space that is too small. Or, perhaps you don't agree with how the designer used space. Maybe the bedrooms are too small and the living room is too big. Rearranging walls isn't too big of an issue. Overall house size can be a harder problem to fix. But it may be reconcilable if you have a big enough yard; then, a home addition could be in your future. Sometimes it's good to start out small and grow.

Custom Homes

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that perhaps the best workaround for finding a home that's the perfect fit is to choose new home construction. With that option, every design option will be discussed with you throughout the process. If you truly want a home tailored to your needs, a new custom home is the way to go; it also helps you avoid inheriting maintenance issues right off the bat. But if this is not possible or it's out of your price range, the questions above can help you prioritize your biggest needs in a real estate purchase.