3 Components Checked During An Annual Roof Inspection Of Your Commercial Building

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3 Components Checked During An Annual Roof Inspection Of Your Commercial Building

6 May 2017
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The roof over your business may not get a lot of credit, but this one structural feature really does have a very important job, which is to protect your commercial building from the elements. As a commercial business owner, it is highly important that you have your roof inspected regularly so signs of trouble are spotted before they become an actual problem and cost you money in building damages. If you are not  familiar with the commercial roof inspection process, you may be wondering just why this is so important. Check out these primary points and components you can expect to be assessed during an annual roofing inspection by a professional. 

Roofing Interior 

Beneath those outer layers is the substrate and foundation of the roof. This area is just as important to keep an eye on as the exterior layers, so it will be part of the overall roofing inspection. Don't be surprised if the roofing technician has a ladder inside the building to get up close and personal with the underside of the roof or even if they ask for attic or overhead crawlspace access. During this interior assessment, the professional will be looking primarily for signs of water damage or for signs of leaks. However, they may also be on the lookout for signs of buckling and sagging in certain areas as well. 

Gutter Systems 

Even though the gutters are usually considered to be a different component than the roof, the gutter system on your commercial building is actually an integral part of the overall function of the roof. Therefore, it will be examined by the professional during an inspection. The professional roofing technician will be looking to determine:

  • if the gutters are adequately draining water away from the roof
  • if the gutters are in good repair
  • if there are issues with drainage from the gutters that could be harmful to the building beneath

Shingle or Material Condition

One of the most pressing reasons to have a roof inspected is so you can get a professional opinion about the condition of the roofing materials. Whether you have a shingled or flat roof, it is important that these materials are thoroughly examined during an inspection to find signs of damage and deterioration. Your chosen roofing inspector will go over the roof with a discerning eye and take note of any areas that have sustained damage, could be in danger of failing, or that are missing. 

Talk with a roofing distributor in your area for more information.