Should You Replace Or Repair Your Windshield? 5 Factors To Consider

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Should You Replace Or Repair Your Windshield? 5 Factors To Consider

23 May 2017
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"To repair or replace?" That's the question that many heavy equipment owners have on their minds whenever they encounter windshield damage. Repairs are usually the easiest and most economical option available, but some types of windshield damage may call for a complete replacement of the windshield itself. Here are a few factors to consider if you have a hard time deciding whether to replace or repair your windshield.

Size Matters

The size of the chip or crack in your windshield can play a major role in your decision. Some cracks and chips are small enough to repair with a do-it-yourself windshield repair kit. Others may prove big enough to dissuade DIY repairs, but still small enough for a professional to tackle with relative ease. However, some damages may be too large for even a seasoned professional to effectively repair.

The best way to gauge whether a crack or chip is big enough to warrant a windshield replacement is to measure it using ordinary currency:

  • You can use a dollar bill to measure the length of a crack. If the crack exceeds the length of the dollar bill, then it's too big to be repaired.
  • Use a quarter to size up the chip in your windshield. If the damage is bigger than the quarter, then you should plan on a replacement instead of a repair.

So Does Location

In some cases, it's not the size of the chip or crack that could turn an otherwise simple repair into a complete replacement. The location of the damage done to your windshield can also play a major factor in your decision process:

  • Damage that's done to the edge of the windshield may prove difficult or even impossible to repair.
  • Damage that is done near an internal radio antenna, rain sensor or any other type of embedded device may also prove extremely difficult to repair.
  • Cracks or chips that occur within the operator's direct field of vision might be easy to repair, but the residual effects left behind could be a distraction in of themselves.
  • Damage that extends through multiple layers of glass, including the safety laminate layer, usually can't be repaired.

If your windshield has suffered damage in any of the areas noted above, it may be simpler and less expensive to have it replaced rather than spend time and money on a difficult repair.

Multiple Hits Also Matter

It's bad enough dealing with a single crack or chip, but multiple strikes can further complicate an already difficult repair. Repairs may still be feasible if there are multiple spots where damage has occurred, yet the damaged areas are far enough from each other and relatively small in size. But if the damaged areas are in close proximity to one another, then you may have no choice other than to have the windshield replaced.

Consider Daily Hazards

No one said life was easy for heavy equipment. The average worksite is fraught with a wide variety of dangers that often increase the likelihood of windshield strikes. Even after your original windshield is successfully repaired, successive strikes can severely impact its integrity, making it more difficult to repair. It's important to consider the environment your heavy equipment is used in when deciding whether to replace or repair your windshield.

Cost is Also a Factor

Your bottom line can have a tremendous impact on your decision-making process when it comes to a windshield repair versus replacement. The cost of replacing an entire windshield may depend on a variety of factors, including size, materials, thickness, unique safety requirements and availability, just to name a few. This often makes windshield repair the more affordable option for many heavy equipment owners.

However, windshield replacements are often favored when repair costs outstrip the estimated replacement cost. Some owners may also invest in a windshield replacement if it enhances the safety and effectiveness of the operator. Pop over to this site for more information.