Four Things To Consider Before Having A Dock Built On Your Property

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Four Things To Consider Before Having A Dock Built On Your Property

7 June 2017
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If you have recently bought a piece of property that has water frontage, you may want to consider having a dock built to fish off and hook your boat up to. You need to consider many different factors when determining the type of dock you want to have built though. Use the guide below to learn a few factors that need to be considered when choosing the best dock options for you.

Consider If You Want to Have a Boat Lift Installed

You first need to choose if you want your boat to sit in the water or if you want it to be raised out of the water when it is not in use. Many people choose to have boat lifts installed in their docks because they do not want their boats to bang against the dock when other boats pass by and make wakes.

Consider How Large You Want the Boat Dock to Be

You need to consider how large you want the dock to be, as well. There are restrictions in many areas as to how far a dock can stick out into the water so that it does not impede boat traffic. When you hire a dock builder, they will be able to let you know how long and how wide the dock can be. You can then decide if you want it to be that large, or if you would like it to be smaller.

Consider If You Want the Dock to be Covered

Some people choose to have a roof built over their dock to create shade and keep their boat from being costly exposed to the sun. If you want the dock to be covered, you will need to choose the types of shingles you want to have put on the roof.

Consider If You Want a Ladder Connected to the End of Your Dock

Consider if you want to have a ladder added to the end of your dock for people to use when they want to jump off the end and climb back up to jump again. There are some people who choose not to add a ladder to their dock or choose to add a removable ladder because they view it as being a liability because people passing by may choose to use it and could get hurt.

When you have the dock built, you want to be sure to hire professional dock builders to ensure that it is built properly. Docks need to be meet certain codes in order to pass inspection. Hiring professionals to do the job for you will ensure that everything is done the right way.