Three Trees To Replace An Overgrown Palm

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Three Trees To Replace An Overgrown Palm

1 December 2017
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Having a palm tree in your yard can be the perfect piece of tropical paradise. The one bad side of having a palm tree in your yard is that the roots tend to grow long. If your yard is not large, this can become an issue, as this may begin to disrupt the foundation of your home.When the palm tree roots have begun to spread, you will need to call a tree removal service to get the tree up from the front yard. Here are trees to put in the place of a palm tree so that you will not have a hole in front of the yard. 

Persian lime tree

Sometimes a fruit tree is just what you need in order to replace an old palm tree. Lime trees easily grow in tropical settings and they make the yard look good. The leaves of a lime tree are a healthy dark green and the tree tends to take a while to sprout. This means that you will have a healthy looking plant in your yard that has a long-term growth rate. When placing the lime tree into the palm tree hole, be sure to fill in space with some fertilized dirt from a nursery. This will help the tree begin to grow and sprout roots in your yard. 

Plumeria tree

If you were looking for something a little more flowery, one of the tropical trees that you may want to look at is the plumeria tree. Plumeria trees are dark green and sprout flowers that are native to the Hawaiian island. The flowers of the tree are white with a yellow or pink center. The tree also holds a nice scent, which can help to increase the overall enjoyability of the front yard. Be sure that you are willing to pick up the flowers before they disintegrate in the yard. 

Macadamia tree

The nut of this tree is best tasted while roasted or chocolate covered. Though the macadamia tree produces magnificent nuts, it also makes a good tree in the place of another tropical trees. These trees grow to a moderate size, so they will be smaller than a palm tree. A macadamia nut tree will require constant maintenance, as you will have to monitor the soil fertilization plus you will have to rake up trees on a regular basis. Consider these trees if you want to harvest nuts plus have an appealing yard.