How To Make Your Concrete A Little More Stylish

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How To Make Your Concrete A Little More Stylish

25 March 2018
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Many people don't even think about style when it comes to pouring concrete for the sidewalks around the house. That is, they simply just for traditional Portland cement that is gray, and apply it in a normal, flat, porous finish. However, there are quite a few different ways to make any concrete surface look a little more dynamic and unique. This article focuses on a few ways that you can really make your concrete pop.

Adding Color

Adding color to your concrete is one of the best ways to make it stand out. Of course, you probably aren't going to add an extremely bright, bold color. However, even just adding a subtle tint to your surface can make it look a little warmer than a boring gray concrete. Most homeowners are attracted to concrete colors that match with other features around their house. For instance, the concrete on your ground can match with your stucco walls and fences.

There are actually a few different ways to add color to concrete. First of all, there are concrete mixtures that come with the color already mixed into the powder. So, when you pour the concrete, it will be that color. They are also tints that can be added to the concrete while it is being poured. Glazed finishes can be added after the concrete is poured and dried. So, it is actually possible to add color to your concrete, even if it is an old sidewalk. A glaze finish makes the concrete softer, but also a little more slippery when it gets wet.

Adding Textured Finishes

Adding a little texture to your concrete sidewalks can also have some advantages. It can make them a little grippier and more comfortable to walk on, especially when you don't have shoes on. Textures can also make a sidewalk look a little more homey and warm. For instance, you can create the look of pavers or stone textures. Along with a slight tint or glaze, a textured finish can definitely make your concrete look a little more stylish. Textures need to be applied while the concrete is being poured. Professional concrete contractors will use special stamp tools that transfer the texture on to the concrete before it completely dries.

Textures and this will add a little to the cost of your project, but they are well worth it if you want to add a little more class and style to your concrete. To learn more, talk with a paving company like Branche Industries.