Insight To Help Make Your Outdoor Space Attractive And Cool

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Insight To Help Make Your Outdoor Space Attractive And Cool

26 June 2018
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With the summer season here, it is a good opportunity for you to enjoy your outdoor space with barbecues, getting together with friends and neighbors, and relaxing in the cooler evenings. But with no protection outside from the sun and weather, your outdoor space may not have as much appeal during the heat of the day. Here are some tips to help you install and update features on your backyard patio to make your outdoor space better and more comfortable for you to enjoy.

Install a Patio Cover

When the sun beats down on your backyard patio, the temperature of the space can increase quickly when the sun's radiation reflects from off it. This makes your outdoor space difficult to enjoy during the daytime, but you can install a shading patio to help make the area cooler. Because of the effects of the sun's solar radiation on your pavement, the difference in temperature from the sun to the shade can be from 10 to 15 degrees F, which a patio cover can help with.

There are a variety of patios in styles and materials to help you design your outdoor space to your liking. You can choose from a solid insulated patio cover, which can be installed with lighting and ceiling fans, you can add a lattice patio cover made of wood or vinyl, or install a cover made of aluminum to help cut down on maintenance.

Accentuate Your Pavement

The pavement of your patio area is most likely poured and smoothed concrete, as traditionally used. But when you are updating your outdoor space, you can add some treatments to your pavement to make it more attractive.

For example, you can stain your concrete in a single color or in a pattern using various colors to make your pavement look like cobblestone or tiles. Then, with different finishing techniques, you can polish your concrete or coat it in a protective polyurethane to give your concrete added protection and shine to have the appearance of marble or other polished stone.

Add Cooling Vegetation

Another way to make your patio area more cool and comfortable during the summer and add to its appearance is by adding vegetation around its perimeter. The space between your lawn and your concrete provide for an area to add many types of vegetation, including drought-resistant plants if you live in a dry climate. Planting vegetation helps reduce the heat from the sun from the vegetation's cooling effects and adds visual interest and color.

By placing flowering shrubbery and plants along with shading trees and flowers around your covered patio, your backyard space can be converted from boring to beautiful. For more information, contact a company like Rollins Construction.