3 Important Measures Homeowners Should Take When Dealing With Radon Gas

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3 Important Measures Homeowners Should Take When Dealing With Radon Gas

20 September 2018
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Exposure to radon gas can have dire medical consequences, most notably lung cancer. Radon -- unfortunately -- can find its way into your home through cracks and other structural deficits. To counteract this deadly gas, you need to take these measures.  

Have Home Professionally Tested 

Before you do anything drastic to your home or vacate it, you should first verify that radon is in your home and see how much. There are plenty of home kits you can purchase to test radon, but it's just better to let a professional company handle these tests.

This way, you can be sure there aren't any errors that would interfere with the testing results. These companies will utilize specialized sensors, which will let them know exactly how much radon is in your home. If the levels are dangerously high, they'll inform you immediately so you can vacate the property until these levels are dealt with.

Seal Cracks 

If there are traces of radon identified in your home, it's important to make the proper adjustments. One of the most important is sealing cracks in your home's foundation. After all, these cracks enable radon gas to pass through -- creating a dangerous environment in the interior of your home.

Sealing cracks in the foundation doesn't have to be labor-intensive or time-consuming. You just need to purchase the right sealant. Make sure it's completely weatherproof so when cracks are filled in, the sealant will hold up no matter what weather elements it gets exposed to. You may need to apply several layers of sealant to ensure radon can't pass through. 

Prioritize Ventilation 

Probably the most effective way to deal with radon gas inside a home is to create as much ventilation as possible. When radon gas travels up through rocks, it will dissipate in the circulating air. You then won't have to worry about breathing in these toxins.

There are many ways you can improve your home's ventilation. Opening all of your windows is probably the easiest. Keep them open until you have your home professionally tested for radon again to make sure no toxic levels are present. You also can set up large fans in your home for added ventilation. This is particularly important to do if your home has lower levels, such as a basement. 

The very thought of radon being in your home may cause panic to set in. It's important to relax and know there are plenty of counter-measures you can take. You just have to implement them fast before radon levels get dangerously high. 

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