Swim Exercise Or Spa? Why You Don't Have To Make A Choice

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Swim Exercise Or Spa? Why You Don't Have To Make A Choice

11 December 2018
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Swimming is great exercise. Sitting in a spa tub is marvelous. Trying to choose between a pool and a spa, however, is not fun at all. Now you do not have to choose. Pool contractors offer a couple of different combo units that will really have you splashing for joy.

The Spa Tub That Is an Exercising Pool

​Maybe you have seen these units. They are essentially a very large spa tub that can fit up to twelve people, but are also equipped in such a way as to help you get your exercise in too. The tub creates very realistic waves that provide the necessary resistance against which you attempt to swim. The waves keep you stationary in one position while you stroke and kick your way to a great swim. Some of these units also include exercise/resistance bands to train arms and legs when you are not using the swim feature. When you are finished with your workout, you just switch the tub over to spa mode, and sit and soak in the warm jets. The extra deluxe models also have a TV and a refrigerator for cold drinks.

The Attached Spa in the Corner

This is the pool, of a smaller size, that has a small spa tub in one of its corners. The spa tub fits up to five, depending on the size of the individuals. The same water pipes that feed into the pool feed the spa tub, too. You never have to worry about how to go about filling both in the spring or emptying them in late fall. If you get too cold in the pool, just hop over the divider into the spa and get warmed up again.

Ready to Install Your Choice?

​Once you have decided between these two pool/spa combo styles and you have made the choice of either installing them above or below ground, you can shop for a pool contractor. Compare costs among the contractors you find, as some may have older models of spa/pool units that are cheaper. These combo units are already budget-friendly, but if you can find one that is cheaper still, you will have quite the bargain for your efforts. Ask the contractors for both above ground and below ground installation estimates, as most of them typically provide just the below ground estimates unless customers request otherwise. Then get ready to exercise and relax!

For additional information, reach out to companies like Anchor Pools & Spas.