Home Addition Tips For The Work-At-Home Artist

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Home Addition Tips For The Work-At-Home Artist

20 December 2019
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Are you a work-at-home artist that feels cramped and crowded in your home space? That feeling of being crowded can often dull your creative juices. Rather than seeking out a studio outside of your home that can accommodate you, it may be time to consider adding onto your home.

Studies show that creative ideas and solutions generate better when you are at home compared to any other environment. You can also improve your creativity by opening up your space so it does not feel crowded and offers plenty of inspirational views. If you are considering having a home addition built as an art studio, there are a few tips to consider.

Add on with North Light in Mind

If it is at all possible, try to plan your home addition around the position of your home in comparison to the sunlight your home receives. For best results, you should maximize north lighting. North light is known as either indirect or reflected light. When north light shines into a room, it offers a cool, controlled value of lighting.

Working with direct sunlight, however, can make the appearance of colors seem off. Also, artwork that is exposed to prolonged sunlight can eventually fade. Rather than running the risk of damage your works of art, improve your ability to provide high-quality artistry with the help of north light. Talk to a professional builder to see if it is possible to add a studio too your home that receives plenty of north light.

Keep the Importance of Ventilation in Mind

Artists often work with various mediums, including paint and paint thinners. No matter what you use to create your artwork, it is best if you work in a space that receives proper ventilation. If you happen to work with paint, varnishes, paint thinners, or other chemicals, you run the risk of inhaling dangerous fumes. Working in a properly ventilated space, however, reduces any health risks you might face.

When planning your new home addition for your art studio, consider the attic or a porch area that you can close in and turn into a sunroom. In doing so, you will give yourself the opportunity enjoy plenty of lighting and proper ventilation. If you are unsure how to tackle a room addition that accommodates your art studio needs, talk to a building expert for home addition service.

A team of qualified builders can help you figure out how best to include your home addition so your art studio has all the features you want and need to boost your creativity.