Tips To Help You Repair And Improve Upon Your Residential Driveway

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Tips To Help You Repair And Improve Upon Your Residential Driveway

19 June 2020
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A concrete surface can only last as long as it was installed properly and is taken care of over time. Your concrete driveway can become damaged from harsh chemicals and crack from an inadequate foundation and the right freezing temperature. But you can take some steps to repair various types of damage to your concrete while also improving how it looks and its overall structure. Here are some tips and insights to help you repair and improve upon your driveway's condition and appearance.

Repair Surface Damage

The surface of your concrete is exposed to vehicle fluids and ice melt chemicals during the winter, so it is no wonder it can start to show signs of wear and damage. Over time, your concrete may show spalling where the surface of the concrete flakes off to expose the aggregate or begins to form crack damage. 

You can repair the surface of your concrete by first, preparing your concrete by removing and cleaning debris and fluid stains. It is recommended to remove any debris and oils from the concrete so the patch compound sticks to the surface. Next, you can fill the cracks on the surface of your concrete with a crack filling compound. Spread the repair into the cracks with a trowel and smoothing it across the surface.

Last, you can apply a full surface application of thin-set mortar to resurface the entire concrete slab. Be sure you apply a mist of moisture onto the existing surface to help the new layer of mortar cure properly. Smooth it level with a concrete spreader. Mortar is a better covering option because it adheres better onto concrete than a thin layer of concrete can.

Replace Damaged Slabs

For larger areas of damage to your concrete, you will need to remove the damaged area of concrete, either by cutting it out with a concrete saw or chiseling it from the surface with a chisel and hammer. Then, you can clean the edges of the remaining concrete, moisten it with a mist of water, and apply a new layer of concrete onto the existing void.

After you complete any repair to your concrete driveway, be sure you allow it to fully cure before driving upon it or walking over it. This can take up to three days for a full cure. Also protect the surface of your concrete from any rain or freezing temperatures. Apply a plastic covering to insulate the concrete from adverse weather until it is fully cured.

Contact concrete driveway contractors in your area to learn more.