What You Can Do To Waterproof Your Home's Exterior

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What You Can Do To Waterproof Your Home's Exterior

15 January 2021
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If you have water in your crawlspace or basement, it could be because of a few different things. You may have poor rainwater drainage outside, or your foundation may have a crack or some other damage to it. There are a few things you can do yourself to help waterproof your home's exterior. If you have major damage to your home though, you should call a professional contractor to have this work done for you. Read on for a few things you can do to your home.

Add Gutters Or Extend Downspouts

If your home doesn't have gutters, you should consider having them added to your home. It's a cheap way to move the rainwater that has fallen onto your home away from your house and your yard. If you have gutters already, make sure they are still in good shape and are doing their job correctly. If they are damaged, you should have them repaired. If your gutters are fine, check the downspouts and the extensions. If you don't have downspout extensions, you should add them to drain rainwater further away from your house.

Install Drain Tile

If you don't have any drain tile around the perimeter of your home, you need to do so. Drain tile in the form of gravel around the perimeter of the house can help with water drainage and move it away from the house. You should have a layer of gravel next to your home beneath your soil, with the soil near your home higher than the rest of the yard so the water will drain away from your home.

Install Window Covers

You could be getting water in through a basement window. Consider adding a window cover to help prevent water from getting into a window. Window covers are easy to install and they can be found at most hardware stores. They can protect your window from water, snow, ice, and other debris as well to keep the area around the window clear.

Grade Your Yard

If your yard is not draining water away from your home properly, it may need to be re-graded. This is something that should be done by a professional contractor, as this may take large, heavy equipment to get it done right. Call a professional to help you with this task.

If your basement or crawl space is getting water seepage or you have a leak from an exterior source, there are a few things you can do to help. If you have a major issue, you should hire an exterior waterproofing professional to help you waterproof your home's exterior to get the job done right.